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No matter your sexuality, gender, or lifestyle—Valence Counseling is there to support you. 

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What Can Sex Therapy Help With?

It might seem a bit scary and more vulnerable than feels tolerable. But anything worth it is never easy. 

In our culture, sex can be a sticky subject. Sex can mean all the parts that sway, hang, or bounce and all the myriad ways we kiss, rub, lick, touch, suck, squeeze or mash such things together.

Defining sex (verb; /seks/) has us lumping in all sorts of things from the silly to the deathly serious- acts of procreation and recreation, or (noun) gender, phenotype, or identity. Sex therapy encompasses all this plus love and lust, arousal and anger, kink and play and passion, communication, relationship and connection, and the infinite number of ties bonding our minds to ourselves, to our bodies, and to others.

Through talk therapies centered around erotic and sexual intelligence, body-based approaches like mindfulness and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and trauma-informed strategies like DBT and somatic experiencing real change, growth, and healing are all possible.

Almost everyone does have sex, will have sex, wants to have sex, or remembers or misses having sex, and yet almost no one really takes the time to talk about it.

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed by the presence or absence of an erection, been ostracized for how or who you love or had your status compared to a crushed flower or chewed gum, you could probably stand to talk about sex a little more.

Gay or straight, kinky or vanilla, those struggling with or navigating reproduction and fertility, people who are monogamous, poly, single, slutty, saturated, ace or lonely- for all of us sex is central to our identity as humans and a vulnerable place of intimacy and play all too often bruised and confused by an uptight culture talking out of both sides of its mouth. What’s more, studies show that perhaps as many as one half of us will experience some form of intimate partner violence or sexual assault within our lifetime. 

Change is inevitable, our bodies and minds will continue to adapt and evolve to new technologies, new injuries, new aches and pains and cultural mores but guiding those changes through evidence based and approachably human help can make all the difference. I’ve worked with everyday folx struggling with arousal or mismatched desire. I’ve worked with people struggling with painful beliefs about their identity or interests. I’ve worked with people who love or lust in a way that society can’t seem to support. 

The good news is there’s always the opportunity for healing and growth.

In the end, sex therapy is just therapy about sex.


 I work with all sorts of folx on all sorts of issues but I specialize in topics related to gender, kink, queer and trans identities, polyamory, purity culture, sex work and yeah, sex. Though there’s nothing sexual about the therapy itself I  work with several body-based approaches including meditation, polyvagal theory and somatic experiencing.

I also team up with Lauren Mason Yoga or your existing therapist to provide collaborative and body-informed care. Schedule a consultation and you and I can talk about what sex therapy means to you.

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