Mason Yoga Collaboration

a woman rolls out a black yoga mat

The health and medical benefits of yoga are being documented at remarkable rates as the medical industry begins to understand this ‘complementary alternative medicine.’ A yoga therapy practice can serve to amplify those benefits by targeting specific places of mental, emotional and physical need with applied yogic tools including breathwork, meditation and movement. When used with talk therapy, a personalized yoga practice can provide a greater sense of healing and growth through a reduction in symptoms and nervous system level change.

That’s why I’m proud to announce a collaboration with Lauren Mason Yoga– an opportunity for Valence Counseling clients to receive supportive and holistic care at a significantly reduced rate. Clients who chose to join the Mason Yoga program will receive individualized instruction in yogic practice built around their therapy goals and personalized health needs. By working collaboratively, Valence Counseling and Lauren Mason Yoga seek to provide healing to the whole body.

Counseling clients interested in the program will receive a complimentary consultation with the option to purchase (3) 60-90 minute yoga therapy appointments for $200 (regularly $300) with a $100 credit for counseling services, lowering the total cost and barrier to yoga therapy to $100. Those who wish to continue their yoga practice with Lauren will be encouraged to do so at a discounted rate of $60 an hour (regularly $90).

To join the program send this completed form to [email protected] allowing your confidential health information to be released to Lauren Mason Yoga for the purposes of continuity of care. This will allow your yoga therapist to provide personalized practices and exercises to meet your therapeutic goals. Schedule your free consultation with Lauren Mason Yoga and receive the credit upon purchase of a therapy package.

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