Recovery From Religion With Dr. Darrel Ray And Matt Dillahunty

Jun 27, 2019 | Religious Trauma, Atheism, Secular Sexuality

This week I actually get to meet, in person, for really reals, the Dr. Darrel Ray, creator of the original Secular Sexuality. We’ll be talking about his work across various platforms including Recovery from Religion, the Secular Therapy Project and this history of the show. Joining us is one of the faces of the ACA, the highly esteemed Matt Dillahunty. Take a look.

Learn more about Recovering from Religion and their upcoming Fall Excursion, as well as the Secular Therapy Project. Find more of Dr. Ray’s works and writings here.

Matt Dillahunty is a former president and ACA mainstay, most notably through The Atheist Experience. Find his channel here.

Matt and Darrel took some time later this week to go over some of the aspects of Darrel’s work that we didn’t get around to cover- 

Some additional resources we discussed were at 1-866-488-7386 or text ‘Trevor’ to 678678 and the Mexico Suicide Hotline: 5255102550.

And thanks to sound engineer Vern for pointing me to these articles regarding Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bills’-

Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bills’ Are Based On Lies. Here’s The Research To Show It.

Anti-Trans Group Admits Bathroom Bill Fear-Mongering Was “Largely Contrived”

The Transgender Bathroom Debate at the Intersection of Politics, Law, Ethics, and Science

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